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ISR Video Image Processing

Aeronautics ISR video image processing design utilizes high end digital signal processing hardware and algorithms, wide range of real time automatic image processing features, which enables any user of still and video images to increase it’s ISR productivity dramatically.

























ISR Video Image Integration


Aeronautics ISR Video Image processing capabilities can be easily integrated to any existing image source for real time and offline processing.


Aeronautics Image processing features:

  • Real time ISR video enhancements as spatial Filters, contrast, brightness etc.
  • Mosaicing (“image brush”)
  • Digital Stabilizer, Zoom, Rotation
  • Motion Detection
  • Changes Detection from still image reference
  • “On Image” signed target tracking
  • Video footprint using geographical registration on reference image
  • ISR Video Image compression
  • Real time annotation on image (high resolution and update rate)


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