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Aeronautics AISR - Aerial Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance - is the ultimate Real Time solution for expaniding existing aerial platforms operations. Aeronautics aims to provide its customers a robust interoperable solution by using state of the art versatile components.
The System can be installed on any host vehicle such as fixed wing aircraft or helicopter.  

AISR Systems by Aeronautics  

Aeronautics’ AISR Systems were sold to numerous customers and are currently operating in several countries around the world, providing a turnkey solution in relatively short time. The system provides its customers with a comprehensive solution, which uses the customer’s existing aerial fleet and expands its capabilities for Intelligence Gathering, Reconnaissance and Search and Rescue missions.

AISR EO/IR Payload

AISR onboard MI-17

AISR Cockpit










AISR Applications

  • Anti Terrorism  
  • Force Protection
  • Prevention of Illegal Trafficking and Illegal immigration
  • Coast Guard Support  
  • Forest Fire Monitoring  
  • Search & Rescue  











    AISR Media Downloads
  AISR Brochure (pdf) - 330 Kb
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