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Homeland Security

Aeronautics Land and Security Division offers diverse homeland security solutions to successfully deal with contemporary security challenges. The Division provides a comprehensive and cost-effective turnkey package, including assessments, planning, sensors and implementation of the security solutions.


Homeland Security Solutions Overview


ResearchSecurity Survey


In order to ensure a homeland security solution that accurately pinpoints the customer’s specific needs, Aeronautics provides in-depth information gathering, criticality, threat, vulnerability and consequence assessments of specific targets performed on site by a skilled group of security and intelligence experts.



Aeronautics offers a wide range of intelligence-gathering monitoring systems. Our deliverables include electronic fencing, advanced CCTVs, VMD, Access Control Systems and more. A major advantage of Aeronautics’ homeland security solutions lies in the ability to incorporate its unmanned systems into existing and future security arrays.


C4IC4I Center


Aeronautics’ integrated facility management system (IFMS) synthesizes sensors and sub-systems into a single accurate and up-to-date tactical data situational display. The C4I center is the core component of the Homeland Security Solution and can share information in real time with any connected entity, to provide instantaneous early warning and detection, thus allowing rapid interception of perpetrators.



The IFMS can be employed along any geographical land or maritime border and can be further used to secure strategic facilities and national infrastructures such as airports, harbors, military installations, offshore platforms, pipelines, railroads and VIP residences. The system is highly modular and can be adapted to any security scenario. This flexibility offers customers a turnkey solution that is robust enough to meet any operational requirements. The IFMS offers unprecedented reliability and survivability and minimizes false alarms through sophisticated algorithms, data fusion and cutting-edge sensors.


Homeland Security Solution consultingHLS Arena


Aeronautics' edge lies primarily in its operational know-how, which compliments its technological proficiency. Aeronautics has brought together the most experienced and qualified team of experts that not only offers the most suitable technology and equipment, but also directs where, when and how the said equipment should best be implemented.

Homeland Security Solutions by Aeronautics


Aeronautics’ experts have accrued experience in many large-scale Homeland Security Solution projects. These include, among others, sensitive projects for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Israeli Air Force (IAF) and the US Navy.


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