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Offshore Platforms Security Array

Oil rigOffshore drilling units are a national strategic asset and are exposed and
vulnerable to terror threats and ocean pirates. Sabotage or terrorist
activity can cause severe economical and ecological damage, that might
effect the national and international oil and gas markets. The specialists at
Aeronautics offer professional analysis of weak points, preparation of
Protection plan, sophisticated sensors and training to help companies and governments protect their assets. Aeronautics proposes security systems
based on airborne and ground EO sensors for surveillance and detection of
potential intruders and leaks. The system will improve the command and
control on rig’s environment and measures.


Possible threats:

  • Hostile takeover, abduction of crew for negotiation Purposes
  • Firing at unit from a small vessel or from shore
  • Underwater sabotage by scuba divers (mining the drilling unit)
  • Suicide vessel\airplane
  • Theft of oil\gas through underwater connection
  • Theft of equipment

Consulting and training services

Security assessment:

  • IMO regulations – the ISPS code
  • Security survey
  • Security audit
  • Security assessment report


  • Exclusive training array
  • Advanced warfare techniques
  • Sea & land

Comprehensive security plan:

  • Selection of suitable equipment
  • Writing of security and emergency procedures


  • Integration and installation of the selected equipment
  • Training personnel for security purposes
  • Overseeing and tracking project
  • Flexible business model for leasing or outsourcing


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