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Port Security Array

Port protectionThe International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Diplomatic Conference of December 2002 adopted a number of amendments to the 1974 Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS), the most far-reaching of which enshrines the new International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code).

The ISPS Code contains detailed security - related requirements for governments, port authorities and shipping companies along with a series of guidelines about how to meet these requirements. To fulfill these rigorous requirements, Aeronautics delivers the following services, all mandatory under the ISPS Code:

Port Facility and Ships Security Assessment (PFSA/SSA)– Fundamentally a risk analysis of all aspects of a port facility and Ships’ operation in order to determine which parts of it are more susceptible or more likely to be the subject to an attack. The PFSA is prepared by Aeronautics’ most professional risk analysts with vast experience as Navy Officers and risk analysts.

Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP) and Ship Security Plan (SSP) - Upon PFSA/SSA completion, a PFSP/SSP is prepared, based on the PFSA/SSA conclusions and recommendations. Aeronautics delivers a cost–effective plan, which includes the most technologically advanced equipment on one hand, and the most affordable and simple systems available on the other.

PFSP/SSP Implementation - The PFSP/SSP details the equipment, adjustments and training required in order to meet the ISPS demands.  Aeronautics provides implementation program, which includes all supplying, installation and assimilation of the required equipment and services. Aeronautics program management accompanies the customer until program’s completion and provides long term future support.

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