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Aerostar UAV


The Aerostar Tactical Unmanned Air Vehicle System (TUAV) provides reliable, high quality real time intelligence gathering capability. The system was developed by the Company’s leading engineers in cooperation with the Israeli Intelligence Corps. The system has accumulated thousands of operational hours, giving the system its maturity, reliability and credibility. Among the system’s customers are the IDF, U.S. Navy, Angola and other customers around the globe.

Aerostar Capabilities  

The Aerostar can perform various missions such as:

  • Target acquisition  
  • Artillery fire adjustment  
  • Targets designation  
  • Battlefield and borders control

Aerostar Operability
The Aerostar system is very cost-effective and reliable. It can be deployed in a short time, the system's operation is simple and the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is user-friendly. The system is protected from human-mistakes by adding confirmation messages to the critical operations and verifying that the commanded operation is surely the desired one.



  Aerostar Performance


Service Ceiling 18,000 Feet
Operational Endurance > 12 Hours

LOS Data Link Range

*Satcom Data Link Optional

250 Km
Loiter Speed 55 Knots
Dash Speed 110 Knots

Aerostar Technical Data

Wingspan 8.5 Meters (28 Feet)
Length 4.5 Meters (15 Feet)
Height 1.3 Meters (4.3 Feet)
MTOW 220 Kg (485 Lb)
Max Payload Weight 50 Kg (110 Lb)

Aerostar Media Downloads

  Aerostar UAV Brochure (pdf) - 300kb
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